Thursday, August 28, 2008

Luxferian or Luciferian?

Considering about ambiguity of luciferian, I shall suggest a new term, LUXFERIAN. Luxferian here refers to the same idea of Luciferian in my blog. That refers to anyone who dedicate themselves as the light bearer. The light that comes from God the Almighty.

Whoever likes to help people to be better person can be classified as a luxferian. It's because misled people are walking in the darkness and when they are enlightened, they can see the way, thus they will walk in the right path. The path that makes theirlives more meaningful and gives them peace. Therefore we call that to be a better person.
For common people, or in public, luxferian is more preferable to be used as identity instead of luciferian, which people commonly consider as satanism. However, in this blog, luciferian is still used although the term may cause misuderstanding at the first glance.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Being A Luciferian

Being A Luciferian, we always exercise 3 things:

FAITH (Faith – spititual = Building the strength of soul to give shelter)

INTELLIGENCE and WISDOM (Love – intelecual = Enlightening those who are misled in darkness)

POWER (Hope – physical = Maintaining empowerment to mankinds to reach salvation)


Luciferian that I’ve been introducing to you here is not worshiping Lucifer as a god. We have only the idea of the light bearer. So whatever your religion is, you can be Luciferian too. In fact you must have belief in Higher Power that can empower you beyond ordinary man/woman. Otherwise you can’t be our Luciferian we’re discussing here.

In this case, I will view to monotheism God. If you have the polytheism, you can have God as the reference to them. In my opinion, God is uncountable and known from His multi-dimensional natures. People name God’s natures into individual gods.

Without the help of God, we can’t face difficulties. Whenever we have this belief, we are confidently protected and multiplied in power. It is very needed in situations that seems to be impossible to face. Everytime we feel alone in facing a situation or a problem that is very hard, we need God to rely strength from God. We have no fear of death – which is a must for a Luciferian – if we are sure where we shall be and what we will be after death. We will return to and unite with God.

Relying on God instead of ourselves, we prove our trust, loyalty and obidience to God our Master. Otherwise, we shall be seperated from God. It means we lose all facillities to be God’s servants. All that have been attributed to us to serve mankinds will fade and gone. For example our wisdom, intelligence, power, health and physical abilities. If you have a good servant that serve you well, will you fire your servant? Will you make your servant flee from home? Only the foolish master will do dumbest thing like that. God will allow you to have longer life and all facilities that will enable you to serve Him better. God will protect you from danger to lengthen your ‘working’ contract. To be the property of God is our pride as Luciferians.

God is the light itself. When we bear light, we bear God. When we serve mankinds by torching their paths, we deliver God into their sight of conscience. When we protect people by our torch, we protect people with God’s power. I describe it as a man leading a child in a dark wood and holding a torch to scare wolves away from the path.

I do not use ‘trust in God’ as the term, instead, I use ‘believe in God’ to refer to our acceptance of God. This is just the matter of preference, not a semantical reason. In my idea, they are the same.

To describe the belief in God, it is like walking on the water. That is why the symbol faith is walking on the water. Can you imagine yourself walking on water? Water is not solid. It doesn’t support us and tends to swallow us inside (drowning). And so is life, sometimes life is too hard, unable to support us. It kills sometimes. It makes us scared, worried, hopeless, shameful, confused and dilemmatic. This time, it’s only God can support us walking on the water. It’s just like a boat on a lake. Our logic can only distracts and makes us exhausted. It drains our energy. God, The Higher Power, is illogically helpful.

As the conclusion, we are exercising our faith everytime we face life difficulties and temptation that can possibly drive us away from believing God’s power and existance. During the trial hours, we must remember, we are not ordinary human beings. We are serviceable Luciferians who rely on illogical Superior Power. Luciferians are loyal and obidient to Supreme Authority, God.

Intelligence and Wisdom

“I’m blind but God leads me through safely.”

Have you ever served a friend or anyone with guidance and he/she thank you for the solution of his/her problem? If yes, then you have the heart of a Luciferian. You have the willingness and talent to shine the light upon the path of others trapped in darkness. You were not just sitting there and listen but you lead him/her on the right path. You’ve been choosen among others by God to bring the light for mankinds. By doing your service of enlightening others, you open possibility for God to grant you with higher talent or intelligence even power over universe so that you can save more souls to glorify His Name greater (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam – Ignatius Loyola).

How do we lead others? Should we tell them what to do? If I may suggest, don’t be. Why? First, you’ll be teachy. People usually hate to listen to someone who thinks they have done wrong or who thinks to be the expert. People like to listen to someone who has the similar experience or who is at the same position like them. Second, you’ll share blame if your way is not appropriate for them. Thus, they won’t believe you anymore. So?

I always remember my bestfriend’s joke whenever he had been aksed for advice from others, “I wanna be like God, no other answer but options.” OPTIONS. Let others make the decision for their own. We help them to show the possible outcome for every action.

We can only show them the paths to be taken if we have enough knowledge. Therefore, it is a habit of a Luciferian to learn new things outside their daily environment. The basic knowledge for a Luciferian is philosophy. It means love of wisdom (phillia – love, sophia – wisdom). The lighest form of it is popular psychology. You can find interesting books of popular phsychology in many bookstores. The other one is religious books. As a Luciferian, we cannot be bound only to a single religion or belief. We must find the core wisdom taught by all religions or beliefs.

No blind men cannot lead another blind. If we want to become True Luciferrian, we must FEEL ourselves to be blind. So? What I mean here is that we should never feel we’ve been wise, sinless and reach the top of being smart. We will be stranded in the valley of despair, fear, shame, guilt, feeling dirty and useless whenever we fall into sin, make mistakes or have done something stupid. But don’t worry, as long as we have God guiding our hands, we have the privilege to guide others. Everytime we fall, we shall stand up again and ask God’s guidance. We have the right to do that.

In short, as a Luciferian, we must have intelligence to help us easier to receive God’s direction and to understand problems. We must be wise to know what action to take, what information deserves to be listened and what words to say. Therefore, the image to describe this section, we take form of a flaming seed, which means the idea of growing imature that gives light to torch the path.


According the law of physics, energy cannot be created into existance but can change from one shape into another. Power itself is the energy. We can never empower others if we are powerless. Thus, we must maintain power in order to transfer it to others. We cannot let anything that can destruct our power, such as routine negative thought, unhealthy foods and listening to the negative. Instead, we read positive books, listen to positive people, think positively and improving health. Some say, whom you listen to is who you will live like. All the positive qualities can be obained from listening to those whose qualities we desire. We mingle with the negative to know their poblems and with the positive to solve the problems. If we can hardly find the positive people, we can read positive books/literature. Sick people cannot heal. We must keep ourselves healthy in terms of spiritual, mental and physical.

The notion of power here is not only limited to the empowernent but also protection, giving shelter. We cannot give shelter if we aren’t powerful because we are the one who deals with the threat. The basic qualified indicator of being powerful is having no fear of death. If death is the cost, so be it. Those who fear of losing their lives will lose theirs instead. If we lose our lives because of giving shelter to the weak, we lose our lives for divine reason. We give away our lives for God’s will. Thus we shall die in honorable way and ascend to unite with God. What should we be afraid of then?

Losing life doesn’t always mean die. Even the harder things to accept is losing job, face, title, money, wealth, popularity, admiration, valuable properties etc. If we die, it’s finished, no more pain. It’s so damn tough, you know? Dare we?
Whatever our current position, it is advised for a Luciferian to climb to the higher position. By having higher position, we have greater power and authority. Thus, we can protect more people. If you can’t, then make sure you have great influence to people having the authority. Sounds ambitious? Why not? As long as we walk in the appropriate corridor, then it is fine. The corridor has been clear, it’s our missions. We shall defy from the corridor when we enjoy the power for ourselves and make descent people unhappy about that. Cursed, we shall be.

To climb to the higher rank, we pay a lot of attention to exercising leadership ability. We also read literature about leadership, power, domination, applied ‘war’ strategy (in daily life/work), etc.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Welcome to Luciferian Temple,

You must be thinking that I’m a satanist, blasphemous, antichrist, etc. You’ve learnt that Lucifer is bad. Lucifer was cursed as a fallen angel due to his pride to be the Highest and his desire to be worshiped. So you think that I’m against God because you might think I follow Lucifer by declaring myself as a Luciferian.

In fact, the term Luciferian that I use to call myself here came from the Latin word lux ferro , which mean the light bearer. Being a Luciferian, it is my mission of life to serve God The Highest by bearing the light to my surroundings. My being a teacher right now is the manifestation of my mission. I feel that I’m bound to my humility for this mission. I should not desire anything that defies from the mission of bearing the light. Nevertheless, it is painful to me because it is against my humanity.

However, I will never deny that I adore and admit Lucifer as my favourite Angel. He is the real genius, fancy, elegant, powerful and all the qualities of pride lies upon his rights. I wish I met Lucifer and learned from him. He is my core inspiration behind all of my pride motives. I stand against those who think and worship him as bloodthirst evil. Lucifer is the light bearer.

(as taken from the creed of Gajah Mada):

Kinanthenan tekad teguh Kanti tekad sayeti Ingsun asesanti
Along with stoic determination with genuine willingness I shall declare (that)

Ingsun madhep, mantep nedya amangun kekuwataning jiwa kalis ing sagung godha lan rubeda
I stand forward, firmly work on building the strength of soul resisting from various kinds of temptation and obstacle

amrih bisa angayomi maring sesami
in order to give shelter for mankinds

sunaring cahaya kekuwataningsun senadyan lebur tanpa wekas wus bakal makarti lan
the glaring light of my power although (it) melts without leaving any trace, (it) has been known already and

wus makarti utawane tumpes tanpa tapis madhangi kang lagi mandang pepeteng
(it) has been known if (it) gets effortlessly through barrier to enlighten those who are misled in darkness

Ingsun ora bakal gigrig mencorong sumilak
I will not squirm (instead) shine dazzlingly

tansah madhep mantep ing pangudi ndayani marang sapadha-padha
always undoubtly stand in maintaining empowerment to mankinds

marang gegayuhan margining warih
towards the path of life to reach

wilujeng wilujeng wilujeng kuat kuat kuat.
Salvation, salvation, salvation, (May I be) strong, strong, strong

Although I’m a trully Javanese, I may make some mistakes in detail translation because it is at high level of speech in Javanese language. However, the main idea has been translated correctly. From the translation above, we can see that there are 3 missions. They are:

  1. Building the strength of soul to give shelter

  2. Enlightening those who are misled in darkness

  3. Maintaining empowerment to mankinds to reach salvation

The missions must be carried out with full determination. Willingness to overcome barrrier and temptation is also required.
That is a brief description of Luciferian. Further details will be given in the next posting. Please give comment.Thank you.